• Alli Waataja

Collaborative Advertorial for The Open Movement

"Using our differences to make a difference."

This is the mantra that The Open Movement brand operates by. I had the opportunity to work with art director Samuel Regan to use our differences to create this editorial advertisement for the launch of The Open Movement's newest clothing collection.

The Open Movement is a socially aware clothing company whose goal is to give a voice to the people, take a stand, and change the world. The company has three different collections- SHE, GLOBE, and EQUAL. As the photographer for this advertisement I drew inspiration from each of these collections to create strong, powerful photographs that portray the soul of the brand.

For the location of the photographs we decided to shoot in both an urban and more rural setting. We chose downtown, Broughton Street, Savannah, GA and a personal greenhouse owned by Mrs. Zipperer, a Savannah native.

Now, for the mockup of what the advertisement will look like in print:

In addition to a print advertorial, we also created a few short video spots to be used on social media.

Videos directed and edited by the awesome art director Samuel Regan, check out his website:

Want to support social justice and be fashionable? Check out

The Open Movement collaboration allowed me to showcase my creativity in a way that will spark change.

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