• Alli Waataja

OlloClip Ad Campaign

Change of perspective. Viewing the world through a lens is all too familiar to me as a photographer, however, Olloclip has given me the opportunity to view photography through a new perspective. Working alongside art director Jesenia Duque, we created this ad campaign to demonstrate how you can elevate your phone photography to an art form using Olloclip.

Olloclip is an award-winning lens attachment for mobile phones. The company creates multiple lenses that produce different effects such as fisheye, super-wide, macro, and telephoto all for your mobile phone!

For our campaign we chose to focus on the effect given by the fisheye lens. As the photographer for this advertisement, I aimed to create unique fashion portraits that utilize the distortion of a fisheye lens.

The location for this shoot was carefully selected. I wanted the photos to have a slight hint of that snapshot quality traditional to mobile photography while still retaining the higher fashion theme. To do so, I selected to shoot on a tennis court as well a skate park.

And now, for the deliverable mockups; Print, Outdoor, Website landing page, and Social (Instagram posts and stories).

I appreciate the opportunity to create with a new perspective, along with the awesome Jesenia Duque, Art Director. Check out her website:

Want to create your own perspective? Try out

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